I educate and coach women who own their own business (or want to own their own business!) and are ready to take it to the next level.

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From Teen Mom to 7-figure photographer, I’m proof you have the ability to achieve your wildest dreams.

and if i can do it, you can too.

You can’t shake the feeling that there is something more, but then that little voice creeps in the back of your head filling it with negativity, self-doubt, and fear. 

You want a life of abundance. You want to discover your worth. You need someone in your corner who’s been there, done that, and ready to help you carve your path.

Well, friend. You’re in just the right place. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been in business for decades, sometimes you need someone in your corner who has been there, done that, and killed it.

I was a teen mom and college drop-out, working a minimum wage job, and struggling to put food on the table. I was miserable in my 9 - 5. But knowing my baby was crying from dropoff to pick-up in a government-funded daycare poured salt to my already-gaping wound. I knew that my baby deserved more. And that I deserved more.

I longed to be the mom who had it all and did it all - I wanted to be the SAHM who made the best damn cookies on the block, the mom who never missed one of their kids games, and the mom who was also a thriving business owner. I thought it was unattainable and a pipe dream. Until I made it happen.

Flashback to how it all started. In 2001, I remember falling in love with photography. As a junior in high school, I was taking photos on the OG camera of my generation, a Kodak disposable. I was taking photos of friends like they were on the cover of Cosmo, and needles to say, we got caught. When my mom found out, she jumped to my defense - she explained that photography was how I expressed myself and how I made other people feel good about themselves. From that moment, I knew what I was born to do.

Flash forward 20+ years (and about 78,432 “Ask Jeeves” searches about all-things-photography later), I went to a friend’s wedding with my husband, two-year old, and DSLR in tow. I started taking photos because I was excited - and little did I know that their hired photographer began shadowing me that night and shooting over my shoulder. Wedding guests noticed and convinced me to make the jump. The rest is history.

Since then, I have not only been an award winning portrait photographer with 10 consecutive 6-figure years(!!!) but I have also created and launched dozens of other successful businesses using the same strategy that started all back in 2001. By unapologetically going for it, I was able to make a 7-figure income and now I help other women do the exact same.

Society tells us the only way to be successful is to be a doctor or a lawyer.

Good news? That can’t be farther from the truth.

Society tells us the only way to be successful is to be a doctor or a lawyer.
Good news? That can’t be farther from the truth.

My mission is to help women just like you who want more out of life (while still earning a full-time income) but have no clue how to make it all happen. 

See how I can help.

Discover solutions to help you realize your potential and live your dream.

Are you a busy mom, running on fumes and Venti Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso with Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam and looking for a step-by-step plan on how you can *actually* build a wildly successful photography business? Look no further. After building a 7-figure photography business empire, I teach aspiring photographers just like you how to build the business of your dreams.

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Are you an established photographer looking to take your business to next level? Or an aspiring photographer who wants to expedite your learning process? Learn more about the 1-on-1 coaching experience, all of the coaching packages, including timelines, investments, and procedures. Wanna know what you can expect from coaching and mentorship with Jordan Burch? You'll find all of the details here.

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old school cosmo style
most likely to binge watch:
a.  Love is Blind
b.  The Office
c.  Schitt's Creek
d.  Hallmark Christmas Movies

Get  to know me
favorite holiday:
a.  Halloween
b.  Valentine's Day
c.  Fourth of July
d.  Christmas

Dream vacation:
a.  Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
b.  Paris, France
c.  Venice, Italy
d.  Disney World

my go-to outfit is:
a.  Mom Jeans and Comfy Tee
b.  Full-on Business Suit
c.  Sundress and Espadrilles
d.  Sweats and a sports bra

the jordan burch quiz
go-to appetizer:
a. Sauteed Crab Claws
b. Bread and Butter
c. Spinach Dip
d. Fresh Garden Salad

perfect date night:
a.  Sunset Walk on the Beach
b. Dinner by Candlelight
c. Truck Bed Stargazing
d. 2 Melatonin &  Asleep by 9


i can pick 2, right???